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Xocolata with Gaudi

Gaudi’s influence is obvious in Barcelona, no more so than on Passeig de Gracia. Countless high end shops line the avenue, but the buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi steals the spotlight.


La Pedrera
“There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature. Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners.” Antoni Gaudí

La Pedrera is absolutely worth visiting (but buy your tickets online to skip the lines!). Visitors start in the courtyard before going up in elevators to the rooftop.

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Gaudi hid the chimneys by building these sculptures


Further down the street is another architectural work by Gaudi, Casa Batllo.


Gaudi’s Casa Batllo is a major attraction in Barcelona

Known for its skeletal appearance (take a look at those incredible balconies!), Casa Batllo is definitely worth seeing. Instead of braving the long lines to see inside, I went through the door directly to the left (not visible in the photo). It led me to this beautiful staircase and seating area that is part of Casa Batllo, but was much more peaceful with far fewer tourists.


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You can still see some of Gaudi’s work without waiting in line for Casa Batllo!


Look at the details!

Past the staircase and beautiful doors, I found my favourite spot in Barcelona. Chocolates Amatller is the best place to relax away from crowds with a cup of thick, rich hot chocolate and toasted ciabatta. While most xocolata places seemed to serve the dessert with churros, the ciabatta worked just as nicely (and is healthier too).

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Chocolate a la taza, ciabatta, and cafe con leche on the patio outside


Pretty pink plates


Made with Square InstaPicThere’s plenty of room to sit, including a charming kitchen area

I was so taken with Amatller, I returned at least three or four times over the course of my trip.


3 thoughts on “Xocolata with Gaudi

  1. Thanks for your nice comments on my recent posts there. Barcelona is a city of great contrast. Gaudi, car fumes, extraordinary tapas, overwhelming crowds, quiet peaceful side streets, a million bicycles. It has it all, whether you want it or not. Much fun!

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