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Missteps on the way to Montjuïc

Parc de Montjuïc is known to have the best views of Barcelona (plus a castle at the top!) so of course I had to go. But I definitely took a few wrong turns on the way there. Thinking I could get there by foot, I ended up lost in Sants and ended up one neighborhood over in Eixample. But getting lost isn’t so bad when you’re surrounded by beautiful buildings.


Every street in Eixample had beautiful buildings like this one



And, being Barcelona, there were tapas bars on every corner.

Made with Square InstaPic

I gave up my idea of walking to Montjuïc and instead decided to go by metro the next day. Visiting the old castle was well worth the trip.

Made with Square InstaPic

I wish I’d taken more photos but I ended up getting lost in a massive cemetery (57 acres to be exact) and spent hours trying to find my way out. I ended up at the docks, which weren’t exactly picturesque. So if you visit Montjuïc, avoid the cemetery at all costs. But aside from getting lost multiple times, it was a wonderful day trip.



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