The Summer Bag I’m Obsessed With

I’m always on the hunt for new styles of handbags. They’re my favourite way to add variety to an outfit. And since I tend to wear a lot of basic shades of black and white, I use handbags to add colour to my ensembles. This summer, my favourite bag is my Louis Vuitton Toledo bucket bag. Its unusual shape is eye-catching, and the Epi leather gives it a modern vibe that I love.

Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag Summer Trend
(Left to right) Louis Vuitton bucket bag and 3.1 Phillip Lim Red Mini Pashli Satchel

The bucket bag is the perfect summer accessory. It’s spacious enough to store a phone (phones are getting bigger and bigger these days), makeup, wallet, and even a book if you feel like reading when you’re out and about. I took my bucket bag out when I took a friend to my favourite French cafe in Riverside (California), Just Pastries. I also plan to take my bucket bag when I visit France next month.

Outfit and Bucket Bag at French Cafe in Riverside

French Afternoon Tea Just Pastries

Palm Trees Riverside California

Bucket Bag Outfit Riverside California

To recreate this outfit, check out the links below.


Bucket Bag


Bucket Bag Save



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